There’s nothing quite like lush, green grass, especially when it’s specially fitted around your premises and buildings to create a natural yet eye-catching effect.

All of our turf is purchased from a company that we know and trust, guaranteeing that every roll has been cut out of a healthy field earlier that day. This ensures that you receive the freshest product possible, combined with a very low carbon footprint due to localised sourcing. We’re passionate about our turf’s appearance and performance, so we check each piece to ensure durability, a thick and even coverage throughout, and a strong colour thanks to high-grade seed.

Needless to say, we love a good garden. This is reflected in our commitment to only using and supplying premium products that are designed to the highest standards. Anyone who hires our turfing service will benefit from a team that wants your outdoor space to look its best and provide comfort and enjoyment to everyone who uses it, so we’ll always have an in-depth chat first to find out exactly what you want to achieve.

Turf is an excellent option because it’s tough, hardwearing and performs well in all conditions, including cold weather, drought and periods of heavy showers. It benefits the entire garden’s ecosystem and even your home itself, as its composition is very effective at absorbing large volumes of rainfall and allows the water to sink down to natural sources below the surface.

Meanwhile, turf is a superb oxygenator, taking in huge amounts of CO2 and pollutants and transforming them into fresh air. It also stays relatively cool, even during the hottest weather, making it ideal for sunbathing, leisure, playing with the kids and exercising the family pooch.

Whether you use your garden for barbecues and parties, fill it with a trampoline and toys for the little ones, spend your days sitting and reading on the grass, or simply prefer to stand back and admire its charm, our top-quality turf is a very savvy choice.

To find out more about our turfing service, get in touch with The Alternative Lawn Company today for a friendly chat and a free quote.