We absolutely love trees. They’re nature’s decoration and do so much for a garden, from creating fresh air and acting as an ecosystem for birds, bugs and furry critters, to offering an area of shade and generally looking beautiful. However, sometimes a tree can quite simply be in the wrong place or even pose a safety risk, so we’re here to help keep our leafy friends under control.

Whatever you need when it comes to tree maintenance, whether it be a simple pruning, all the way to felling and sectional dismantling, our expert tree surgeon is here to get the job done in a safe and environmentally responsible way. Fully qualified in all areas of tree surgery and working to the latest health and safety regulations, we can also either remove the matter from your premises, or chip it up for use on flower beds and soft, organic display areas.

At the opposite end of the scale, we can plant new trees, help to revive existing ones that have seen better days, and offer straightforward advice on how to get the most out of saplings, mighty oaks and everything in-between.

Meanwhile, you can rest assured that our entire service can cater to conservation areas and specimens protected under a Tree Preservation Order. This means that any requirements laid out by your local planning authority will be closely followed once official approval to prune or remove the tree has been obtained.

We’re passionate about making gardens look their best, from sprawling rural grounds and small urban backyards, to communal areas owned by schools, universities, businesses, charities and healthcare organisations. Put simply, if it has leaves, we have the skills and know-how to get the job done to the highest standard.

To find out more about our tree work, get in touch with The Alternative Lawn Company today for a friendly chat and a free quote.