A garden fence not only reflects your personal style, it can also act as a border that’s shared with a neighbour, or a security measure to keep trespassers out and the household pooch in.

With a huge range of fencing types to choose from in terms of material, construction, size and appearance, we know you’ll find one in our portfolio to perfectly suit your outdoor space. Maybe you’d like some traditional panel fencing that looks the part and is designed to withstand gusty winds, heavy rainfall and summer heat, or perhaps you’d prefer decorative boards that really bring a garden to life. Either way, our friendly team of specialists is on hand to discuss your requirements and install everything to a timeframe and budget that suits you down to the ground.

Though its function is to simply stay in place and quietly do its job, it’s amazing what a fence can go through during its lifetime. From adverse weather conditions, to UV rays, clawing cats, mischievous dogs, messy birds, inquisitive bugs, creeping ivy and general wear and tear, the natural world and modern families can really take their toll on a fence’s structure and appearance. To help you keep your fence in top condition, we always offer free advice on regular and seasonal maintenance. This way you can either do a bit of DIY or hire a professional, either of which will ensure that your fencing looks tip-top, remains in place and resists rot all year round.

Whether you need a tall fence that adds an extra level of privacy, a robust structure that can withstand great pressures, an aesthetic design to transform your garden, or even a combination of the lot, our friendly experts will support you in choosing the right option. You could even have a hedgehog door included or ask about the best type for trellises, bug hotels and birdhouses. Whatever your requirements, we’re here to help.

To find out more about our fencing service, get in touch with The Alternative Lawn Company today for a friendly chat and a free quote.