We’re your regional artificial lawn specialist and the exclusive supplier in Hull and East Yorkshire of Namgrass, the top European brand that ensures 100% satisfaction through innovative design.

The benefits of an artificial lawn are wide-ranging, from appearance and functionality, to upkeep and safety. Thanks to a robust structure that’s built to withstand busy outdoor spaces, artificial grass remains strong and full of shape for years to come, rather than becoming flat or inconsistent after a few weeks of heavy usage. Meanwhile, its UV stability means that it won’t discolour or fade, making your perfectly green lawn something to be proud of all year round.

Ideal for all types of gardens, our artificial grass won’t let you down no matter what your lifestyle and weekend activities. Whether you enjoy hosting parties and barbecues, getting some exercise with the kids, working on your tan or playing fetch with the dog, this high-quality product is safe, soft, clean, resilient and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Our artificial lawns are so sought after that we’re working with Beal Homes on their new build houses, creating stylish neighbourhoods that look incredible and fit the needs of modern living. If you’d like to see one in situ, their showrooms are fitted with examples of our large range of different styles and shades.

Say goodbye to mud, dirt, weeds and weak patches, lower your utility bills through not having to water or cut the grass, and enjoy a zero-maintenance, family-friendly lawn alternative that will do you proud day in, day out, regardless of the season.

To find out more about our artificial lawns, get in touch with The Alternative Lawn Company today for a friendly chat and a free quote.

Some of our artificial grass examples

How do we install artificial grass?

Step 1 Preparing the Area

First you need to remove all the old turf. If you have an area larger than a few square metres, it’s worth hiring a turf cutter. It will make the job much quicker and easier and it helps take the hassle out of achieving a level surface.

Step 2 Fitting the Edge

To enhance its good looks for years to come, Namgrass should have neat, durable edge around it. When choosing which material to use (timber, metal, concrete or brick) remember Namgrass is available in pile heights from 10mm to 45mm deep, so you should lay the height of your edge accordingly. Next, have a nice cup of tea.

Step 3 Laying the Base

Once the edge is in place, the entire area needs to be covered with a layer of fine aggregate such as ‘Grano dust’, ‘Dust’ or ‘Fine Type 1’. Your local builders merchant will be able to advise and supply, but particles should be no bigger than 5mm. Take along your measurements, including the depth, so they can calculate the quantity.

Step 3 continued

Next, another trip to the hire shop for a compacter which is needed to compress the material and provide a firm base. Continue to add the fine aggregate and keep compacting until the layer is between 40-60mm deep. And, depending on which Namgrass you choose, keep the base layer roughly 20mm below the top of your edging. Remember to form a slight camber so the base slopes towards the edges, this will help accommodate any settlement over time.

Step 3 continued

It’s a good idea to spray the area with water to keep the dust down and help the aggregate to bind. Then it’s time for another cup of tea. Finally, (phew!) cover the base layer with a weed membrane, pinning it close up to the edging.

Step 4 Installing Namgrass

Now for the fun part! Lay the Namgrass over the area and overlap the edges so you have enough material to trim for a close finish. All artificial grass products have a pile direction and when laid correctly helps your lawn look as natural as possible. The preferred way to lay Namgrass is with the pile facing towards the house. It is also important to note when joining two pieces together the pile direction must be in the same direction. Leave the Namgrass to settle for a couple of hours. Break for lunch.

Step 4 continued

Come on, come on, back to work. Carefully cut the overlapping edges, sharp knife essential, so they fit snugly up to your edging. Whilst it’s not essential, you can infill artificial grass products with an even layer of kiln dried sand – approx. 5 kilos/m2. This provides additional stability and weight to the product, thus making for a much nicer completed project. After spreading the sand, brush up the grass to lift the pile and settle the sand in. More tea. If you are a pet owner we suggest not infilling with sand to ensure a lawn that smells fresher for longer.

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